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Our brands

We hold relationships with the most reliable and respected specialist brands for patient care.

365 Healthcare is your reliable, solid, home brand range. Made in the UK, they’re well priced, well rounded, just your basic good range of consumables for theatre and wound care. From procedure packs to dressings, drapes, gowns and single-use instruments.

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Advancis is one of Bamford’s long-standing relationships. We’re even good friends. Another family-owned company, they’re specialists in wound care; researching, developing and manufacturing their products in-house in Nottinghamshire, UK. From origins in textile production, to launching medical grade manuka honey dressings and advanced wound care products.

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That’s us. As well as supplying, we also manufacture a range of products under our own brand. This enables us to offer products at fairer prices, whilst customising at smaller volumes to the needs of our market. From theatre consumables, to drapes, covers, packs, personal protection and wound care.

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Beldico is an exceptional European brand who delivers high-quality, single-use baby bottles. They cover a range of high standard needs for the medical single-use space in maternity and neonatology. These include bottles, teats, pumps and pasteurisers. Specialists in every way.

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Defries is one of our long-standing relationships, which we’ve helped supply to New Zealand for forty years. Known for their wide range of single-use sterile medical products, they offer theatre consumables, IV pressure dressings and customised procedure packs. Order through us for the flexibility of smaller quantities.  

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​​EcoAid are the movers and shakers of the hospital scene, trying to replace all disposable medical plastic ware with biodegradable medical holloware. From sugar cane to PLA to bamboo, they’re open to collaborating on new products and wowing the world.

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Heine is a remarkable global leader in the production of primary diagnostic instruments. Family-owned and made in Germany, their premium products are crafted inhouse and are nothing but brilliant. Their range covers laryngoscopes, otoscopes, dermatoscopes, sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes. 

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Koken are Japanese specialists in medical plastic products. Mainly known for their life simulation models of anatomy and face, they also do nostril and tracheal retainers, and speech valves; specialist plastic surgery solutions that answer particular needs of the industry.  

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Mediplast is our Swedish Scandinavian supplier of simple, well-made products. Delivering wound range bags, a haemorrhoid product called KilRoid and surgical suction, we’re upping our relationship with them as two small countries with big goals to care.

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P3 Medical is one of our go-too brands for specific surgical, anaesthesia and airway devices. They offer a reliable and well-received range of bougies, tubes and tracheostomy care products, all sourced from the UK direct to NZ.  

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Passy Muir is a niche product invented by an American patient named David Muir. As a tracheostomy and ventilator swallowing and speaking valve, it redirects airflow to enable voice and better communication. Incredibly innovative, it’s incredibly well-used throughout our country.

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PMT is an American manufacturer that offers two areas of expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery: Medical tattoo consumables, and tissue expanders. From micropigmentation and dermabrasion devices and accessories, to tissue expanders.

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Sengewald is an exceptionally high-quality brand of German drapes and gowns. Their material is second to none, and worth every penny. Established in 1979, they’ve claimed their space in the market as innovators of drapes, gowns, drape accessories and bed/couch covers. 

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Sterri Matt is an Australian brand born out of necessity; an organising accessory designed to house all PPE needs for infection control. Easily disinfected, these organisers smartly store all necessary PPE equipment on a wall, door, or Sterri Matt mobile station.

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Vernacare is our very first medical manufacturer relationship, a UK brand we’ve supplied for 70 years. Their core care covers infection control, wound care, sterile services consumables, theatre consumables and retrieval bags. A longstanding company that’s here to stay.

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Softmed is an Australian state-of-the-art PPE manufacturer dedicated to keeping our front-line health workers safe. Originally makers of respirators for fire respondents, they expanded when Covid hit to create the full suite of surgical masks, gowns and sterilisastion wraps, from raw material to end product.

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Wock is a stand-out brand, going from Portuguese luxury shoes to high-tech, fun-coloured, healthcare professional clogs. Their antistatic polymer technology and shock absorbing system have made a name for themselves as the highest in hygiene safety and all-day comfort.

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CuraMedical Logo

CuraMedical BV is a Dutch medical device company that operates in the wound management sector and specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of haemostatic agents.

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LR logo

Lohmann & Rauscher is a leading international developer, producer, and seller of forward-looking medical devices and hygiene products. Bamford supplies the VENOSAN compression stockings and ReadyWrap garments to the NZ market.

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