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Success Stories

Understanding what we do goes beyond a catalogue
of products on our website.

The following case studies illustrate the joys of being a small family-owned business in a small
country like New Zealand. We've helped hospitals and medical practices customise packs or
products specific to their needs. And we'll do the same for you, in your own unique way.


Switching supplier suddenly

When a DHB got a three-week warning that their sterilisation wraps
wouldn’t be supplied, they contacted us for a solution.


Packing for less waste

We changed our packaging for one client that wanted to reduce carbon waste. All they had to do, was ask.


Customisation on small runs

Our packs are nothing unique. It's the fact we customize them at low cost, no matter how small the production run.

Need something specific?

Our supplier relationships mean we can source
and customise products specific to your needs.


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