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Surgical Mask - Earloops

SM-M101K/50, SM-M101/50 & SM-M101ASB/50
These are SoftMed surgical disposable masks which are made of three distinct layers. The first layer is a polypropylene spunbond (PPSB) material, the second layer is Meltblown fabric, and the third is again PPSB. The back and front layers are identical in terms of the nature of the material used. The colour of the exterior layers are only for aesthetical purposes - you can wear the mask either way. It is the middle layer which stops bacteria and viruses from penetrating your body.

Mask details:
  • Level 3 Type IIR protection
  • Fluid resistance: 160mmHg
  • BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency): 98% and higher
  • Standards approval: AS 4381:2015 Level 3 and EN 14683 Type IIR
  • Size: 17.5cm x 9 cm
  • Latex free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A 3-ply non-woven face mask with malleable nose piece
  • Filter layer - made of meltblown polypropylene
  • Inner layer - made of non-woven fabric
  • Hypoallergenic, fibreglass free, latex free, fluid resistant
  • To standard EN14683-2019 IIR
  • Fluid resistance: 120mmHG.
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